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Soil Testing

Lawn treatments that we offer, on an as needed basis.



​Spring / Summer

We can test you soil for Moisture, Light and pH levels

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Your existing soil needs to have the proper pH value and nutrients to support a healthy lawn. A soil test is the most accurate, scientific way to discover exactly what your lawn needs. By adding only the required amendments.


Why Test? A pH level of 6.0-6.5 is important for the grass plant to get the most out of the lawn's nutrients. Anything less indicates acidity and lime should be applied to neutralize the lawn's acidity. Numbers greater than 6.5 indicate alkalinity and sulfur should be used to make the lawn more acidic.


Your lawn's soil may also be lacking in certain nutrients. The soil test will determine exactly which lawn fertilizer your hungry lawn is craving. Based on the soil test results.

Lawn fertilizer
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Fertilizer application on newly sown lawns should be applied at the time of seeding. The fertilizer should be formulated with a high phosphorus content to promote strong grass root development and quick green up of the newly seeded lawn. 

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